• Muladhara Chakra – Root Chakra


Hematite is a stone of protection and grounding. It helps to bring one's focus back to the present while also allowing one to process their emotions in an effective way. Hematite can also be used to clear the mind, improving concentration, and it helps one feel more grounded in the body and in reality.

Hematite is a grounding stone, meaning it helps you get in touch with the earth and use your intuition. It is also used to support the root chakra, which relates to our sense of security and connectedness to others. Hematite can help you become more aware of your emotions and what triggers them, so that you can work through them more effectively.

Hematite is a helpful stone for those suffering from depression and anxiety. It can also be useful for people who want to learn how to meditate or connect with their intuition.