Sea Sediment Jasper

Clarity, Stability, and Self-Worth


Sea sediment jasper is a beautiful, earthy stone that is known for its connection to the sea. It's a great choice if you're looking for something to remind you of the ocean and all of the life within it. Its warm color palette makes it ideal for adding a sense of warmth and comfort to your home or office.

Sea sediment jasper is a stone of protection, grounding, and stability. It helps us to feel safe and secure, especially when we are in unfamiliar situations or environments. It also helps us to feel grounded during times of stress or anxiety.

The jade color of sea sediment jasper symbolizes the earth's energy. The browns and greens represent nature's power and vitality, while the golden yellow hue connects us with the sun's rays and warmth.

This stone is made up of various minerals, including silicon dioxide (silica), magnesium carbonate, sodium carbonate (natron), ferric oxide (hematite), aluminum oxide (alunite), calcium silicate hydrate (kaolinite) and manganese phosphate (pyrite).

The history of this stone dates back thousands of years ago: people would use it as a talisman against harm by sea monsters (which is why we think it's so perfect for our jewelry). It was also used as jewelry during ancient times in North America.