U.S. Order By Calendar

Holiday USPS Ground UPS GroundFedEx Ground Economy
🕎 Hanukkah - 1st Night - Dec. 8Nov. 30Nov. 30Nov. 28
❄️ Winter Solstice - Dec. 21 Dec. 9 Dec. 9 Dec. 7
🎄 Christmas - Dec. 25 Dec. 15 Dec. 15 Dec. 13
🟥⬛️🟩 Kwanzaa - Dec. 26 Dec. 16 Dec. 16 Dec. 14

Gift Wrapping from $1–4

Gift Wrap Add-On •  Gift Boxes & Tins • Oh, Heart!

Add a gift message + standard drawstring bag packaging

For only $1, you can add a custom note to your order. Messages will be written by my Cricut machine, maintaining the special, handwritten touch you want when you give a gift.

Add a card and a box for $4

For a premium price, have your gift boxed up in one of several designs, sent with a card with your message written on the inside. We're no replacement for your smiling face, but the unboxing experience will be as exciting and heartwarming as possible.

Illustrated Animals Gift Tag Sticker Sheets •  Gift Tags & Labels • Oh, Heart!

Wrap Your Own

Prefer to do your own wrapping? Add extra supplies to your order and save yourself a trip to the store, where you may or may not face up against a crowd of angry parents looking for the 2021 Tickle-Me-Elmo (can you imagine?). Find labels and cards for sale in the Gift Wrap collection.